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Music Reviews
Bug Out
Written by Charissa Ferguson   
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 16:22
RRP $19.99


Artist: The Mighty bUZZniks
Distributor: ABC Music

This second outing from kooky kids’ band The Mighty bUZZniks is a collection of catchy tunes in a variety of genres. Funky electro-pop sits alongside sea shanties, bluegrass, hip-hop and rock. This is grown-up music matched with clever kid’s themes and stories. There’s the tale of Kevin the robot, sent to earth to save the planet, songs about bullying, fairness and self-esteem, balanced with tunes like Imaginary Friend, a song about a giant talking chicken named Bruce, and Stinky Song, celebrating the joys of passing wind. Silly sounds and smart lyrics are performed with rich vocal harmonies accompanied by a wide range of instruments, a welcome relief from bubblegum toddler music.

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Written by Jodie McEwen   
RRP $19.99


Distributor: ABC Music
Artist: Holly Throsby

See! is Holly Throsby’s first album for children, and I hope it is not her last. Throsby has written eleven original songs to produce a rich colourful quilt of an album. Each track is embroidered with fresh harmonies and embellished with quirky sound effects to make the overall effect quite delightful. Her half-spoken lyrics lend a natural Australian flavour that is subtle but noticeable. Little sayings from childhood feature throughout, from Can I Do That Too? to the spoken corrections in Fish and Mice. My children keep singing  along to The Seasons and Hello Tiger and I can’t help but join in. As a reviewer I get to listen to plenty of CDs, but this is my all-time favourite.

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Babies Love...
Written by Lyndal Johnston   
Tuesday, 14 December 2010 13:23


Babies Love
RRP $14.99


Distributor: ABC Music
Artists: Various
Shhhh... find a quiet comfortable spot... close your eyes and be prepared to be taken on a musical journey to sleepy relaxation land... Babies Love ABBA? Babies Love Elton John? Babies Love Credence? Really?

These beautiful lullaby CDs transport you to a place where you recognise the tune, know all of the words and find yourself humming along or even gently singing the words. If you close your eyes you can imagine rocking your little one gently to sleep to these gorgeous reworked classics. Gentle tinkles, beautiful synthesised rhythms and sweet melodies fill the air from track one through to the very end of the CD.  A lovely way to re-visit memories for Mummy or Daddy and take baby to the land of nod and create beautiful dreams on a cloud of floating tunes.

These CDs come complete with instructions to start to use them from the minute you know that baby is on the way all the way through to birth and beyond. I wish I had something like this when mine were tiny. But the beauty of it is – now I have discovered them - we have a granddaughter due on Valentines Day next year... and she can be our little crash test dummy

Babies Love collection? Get one and you will want them all. Just beautiful.

I Can Play Anything
Written by Jodie McEwen   
I Can Play Anythin
RRP $14.99


Distributor: ABC Music
Artist: Jay Laga'aia

There’s something incredibly likeable about Jay Laga’aia. A big handsome guy with a quick smile and a smooth voice, this father of eight has a pretty good idea about what kids find appealing. His new album is full of animals, dancing and of course, joyful music.
My Ukelele is a tribute to Jay’s Polynesian heritage, full of rich harmonies and the uniting power of music. The Kitchen Conga is a fast-paced kid-friendly salsa tune that makes your toes tap and The La, La Song is catchy in a big-band kind of way. And finally, there’s a way we can fall asleep, listening to Jay’s honeyed tones in the acoustic lullaby Float Away. Bliss.

Click here to win a copy of I Can Play Anything by Jay Laga'aia.

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